A Cash Offer from New Leaf Home Buyers


Listing with a Real Estate Agent

Your House, Your Choice

Selling your house ‘As-is’ for cash with New Leaf Home Buyers vs working with a real estate agent.


Work with New Leaf

Get a competitive cash offer today and sell fast with no fee’s or hassle. Avoid any repairs, holding costs and pay zero out of pocket.

check Sell your house fast & easily while getting paid in a matter of days vs months.
check We buy ‘As – is’ so skip endless showings, cleanings, and unnecessary repairs.
check Pick your closing date and move out on your schedule.
check Pay no agent commissions, don’t deal with the hassle of repairs and zero fees.


$300,000 | Purchase Price


$0             – Commission


$0             – Closing Costs


$0            – Repairs & Holding Costs


$300,000 | Net Profits

List with an Agent

Get your house ‘Retail Ready’ and list your house for sale on the open market with a traditional Real Estate agent.

check List your home on the market if you don’t need to know when it will sell or are not on a tight timeline.
check Get a bit more exposure with on average over  20+ showings to potentially get a higher price.
check Pay 6% in Commissions, 2% in Closing Costs, and at least 10% in Repairs to get it ‘Retail Ready’
check Work with a Real Estate Agent


$325,000 | Listing Price


$19,500             – Commission


$3,250              – Closing Costs


$71,500             – Repairs & Holding Costs


$253,500 | Net Profits

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How we determine your cash offer

When we make an offer for your house, we think about lots of things. This includes how your house is set up, where it is, what other houses like yours are worth, and if it needs any fixing or updates. We use all this information to make a fair offer.


Property Location


Property Condition


Market Trends

Other factors that can affect a cash offer we make for a property

– Size and Shape of the Property: How big the property is and its layout can change our cash offer. Bigger places or ones with special designs might be worth more.

– How Old It Is and How Well It’s Built: The property’s age and how well it was made can affect our offer. Newer places or those made with really good materials are usually worth more.

– Fix-ups and Updates: If the property has new updates or fixes, especially in important rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, it might get a higher cash offer.

– Prices of Similar Homes Nearby: We look at what other houses nearby have sold for recently. This helps us figure out a fair price for the property.

– Can It Be Rented Out?: If the property could be a good rental, like being in a popular area for renters or having more than one unit, it might get a higher offer.

– Things Nearby: Being close to things like schools, parks, malls, bus stops, and highways can make the property more valuable.

– What Can Be Built There in the Future: If the property can be used for more things in the future or can be made bigger, it might be worth more.

– Environmental Factors: We think about things like if there are any dangerous materials, if it’s in a flood area, or if it’s near factories.

– Legal Standing and Ownership: Any legal problems with the property, like debts, boundary issues, or shared rights. Fewer problems usually mean a better offer.

– How the Housing Market Is Doing: We also look at how the housing market is doing, like how many people want to buy houses, what interest rates are, and how the economy is overall.

Remember, these things can matter more or less depending on the house and where it is.